New Black Ops 3 Information

April 30, 2015

New Black Ops 3 Information

Members of the press and popular YouTube commentators have had the chance to play BO3 and have shared a ton of new details about the game.


  • The Zombies mode is making a comeback with its own storyline.
  • Features a full XP-based progression system for re-playability.


  • Pick 10 system is back.
  • New momentum-based chained-movement system allows players to move through maps with thrust jumps, slides, and mantling.
  • Maps are designed with the new momentum-based movement system in mind.
  • Specialist character system allows players to choose their character from a variety of different Black Ops specialists.
  • Each specialist has their own look, personality and special weapons and abilities.
  • Supply Drops from Advanced Warfare will not be returning.
  • Theater Mode is coming back.
  • Beta test should start 2-3 months before the games release.

Gunsmith & Weapon Paint Shop

  • Any weapon can be tailored to your liking.
  • Weapon Paint Shop allows you to create custom camos with an emblem-like editor.
  • Three sides with up to 64 layers can used to create your own signature weapon.
  • With Gunsmith you can take your camo and create your own weapon variants.
  • Weapons can be fitted with five attachments and an optic.
  • Each attachment comes in multiple distinctive models for you to pick from.

BO3 multiplayer will also be playable on the E3 showfloor on June 16-18.