Final Specialist Revealed; New "Redwood" Multiplayer Map

October 10, 2015

Final Specialist Revealed; New "Redwood" Multiplayer Map

A lot of new information was released during Treyarch's first ever "Black Ops Friday" live stream. The first big announcement was a brand new multiplayer map called Redwood that takes place Northern California.

Redwood Multiplayer Map

The 9th Specialist was revealed to be "Firebreak", a fire specialist. Firebreak's special weapon is Purifier, which is a close-quarters flamethrower. His special ability is Heat Wave, a powerful blast that stuns nearby enemies and destroys equipment.

Firebreak Specialist

Here's a summary of other interesting details that were revealed during the live stream:

  • Theatre Mode is back with new features.
  • There are 55 ranks with 10 Prestige levels in multiplayer. Something unique is unlocked after Prestige level 10.
  • Specialists have their own unique customization options. Each "outfit set" looks different based on which Specialist is wearing it.
  • Taunts and gestures for each Specialist can be customized and then used at the end of a match.
  • There is four player split-screen for offline and two player split-screen for online.

You can watch the full stream below: