How the Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta Helped Treyarch

October 8, 2015

How the Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta Helped Treyarch

David Vonderhaar, Treyarch's Studio Design Director, has posted a lengthy piece on the official PlayStation blog detailing on how the beta feedback helped them improve the game. Thanks to the invaluable input of the fans and raw data generated during the beta, Treyarch can now offer a better "day one" experience.

Here are some of the gameplay changes and improvements that can be expected on the final version of the game:

  • Black Hat has been nerfed since the equipment was too powerful. The new Black Hat now scales the hacking speed based on the distance to the target. The farther you are, the longer it takes - you will also need to have a precise aim. The time-to-hack has been increased for pretty much everything, especially the high-end Scorestreaks. The enemy team will also be notified that one their Scorestreak is being hacked; the hacker itself will be displayed on the radar as a red dot.
  • Rejack has been adjusted accordingly. Rejack now counts as a kill and will be rewarded to the player immediately and marked to their stats. Players downed with Rejack will now have their Scorestreak progress reset to prevent stacking.
  • The flinch mechanic sometimes caused bullet flinch to stack, which made players completely lose their aim, even after a few hits. There is now a cap on how much you can flinch.
  • Once you down an enemy player, there will be a red "kill mark" to confirm the kill.
  • Grenade speeds and distances have been tweaked.
  • The Concussion grenade's stun time has been reduced by one second. The Flashbang stays the same, but the Tactical Mask perk, which can be used to counter both grenades, is unlocked earlier.
  • The Kill Cam now shows what killed you with additional details, e.g. the weapon or Scorestreak, and what perks the player had active.
  • Weapons have been balanced based on feedback, including the M8A7 assault rifle and Razorback SMG.