Black Ops III Strategy Guide

September 20, 2015

Black Ops III Strategy Guide

There will be one official Black Ops 3 strategy guide released this year under Prima Games' brand. BradyGames won't be publishing their yearly Call of Duty strategy guide since the company has been merged with Prima Games, the largest video game strategy guide publishers in the United States.

The strategy guide will be released in two editions: Regular and Collector's Edition. According to Amazon, the Collector's Edition will only be printed once, and in limited quantities. Both versions of the strategy guide come with the following features:

  • Step-by-step campaign walkthrough.
  • Highly detailed singleplayer and multiplayer maps.
  • In-depth multiplayer coverage.
  • Comprehensive zombies mode coverage.
  • Free digital eGuide version.

The Collector's Edition has a premium hardcover and comes with an exclusive Jugger-Nog magnetic bottle opener.

Amazon has both the Standard Edition and Collector's Edition available for purchase.

Black Ops 3 Strategy Guide