Multiplayer Beta Open to All PS4 Owners

August 22, 2015

Multiplayer Beta Open to All PS4 Owners

Treyarch has opened the floodgates and is now allowing everyone that owns a PlayStation 4 to try out the Black Ops 3 beta. Just head to the PlayStation Store and download the beta to get started, no code is required.

The exclusive PS4 beta ends August 23. Xbox One and PC users will have a chance to try BO3's multiplayer starting next Wednesday, August 26.

Treyarch has also raised the level cap on the beta to rank 40, which gives access to new weapons, Perks, Scorestreaks and Specialists. A new map, Stronghold, has been added to the matchmaking, for a total of four maps to play on. You also get to try out the Uplink game mode and, in addition, a brand new game mode called Safeguard is available for testing.