Black Ops 3 Global eSports Reveal

August 6, 2015

Black Ops 3 Global eSports Reveal

Activision and Treyarch have revealed Black Ops 3's eSports at Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany. Here are some of the brand new features that were announced:


Black Ops 2's League Play is returning as the "Arena" and it's more accessible than before. In the new system you are ranked on wins only: if you win your rank goes up and if you lose it goes down.

Every 5 rank ups you earn in the Arena increases the difficulty and you will need more wins to get to the next level. If you lose 2 games in a row you get demoted, if you quit during a match you get pushed back two steps. To prevent reverse boosting you will not be demoted below your skill level.

Ranking in the Arena is done on an individual skill level. There are currently 20 ranks and separate elite Masters Division at the top.


Big changes have been done to the CODcaster Mode. It's now easier to configure and setup; casters can specify the settings in the pre-game lobby or in-game. As a caster you can change a team's identity (logo, name, team color) as you see fit for your viewers.

The new Quick Settings menu grants casters access to useful tools to make changes on the fly or display information for the spectators. For example, casters can visually illustrate details about a players' loadout or use the X-Ray mode to give a broader overview of the situation.

Bans and Protects System

This new system spices things up before a match. Each player gets to vote one or multiple piece of content they want banned or protected in Create-a-Class. Tournament organizations can still enforce their own set of rules to restrict in-game content during matches.

Specialist Draft

The Specialist Draft in the Arena restricts teams to only choosing one of each Specialist weapon or ability. For example, two players can select Ruin, but they both can't take the Overdrive ability.

eSports Reveal

Treyarch also announced that PlayStation 4 is now the official home for all Call of Duty eSports. You can watch the full reveal stream below.